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How to download SimCCD

Warning: SimCCD is supplied as a zip archive. The files in this archive MUST be unpacked into a regular Windows folder. If you do not do this, Windows will present the files as if they were in a regular folder, but when you try to start SimCCD by double clicking on Run SimCCD.vbs, it will complain that Java may be missing, even if you have installed it.

To have Windows unpack the zip archive, right click on it, select Extract Files, and follow the instructions. MacOS users will have to extract the files too, for example by using StuffIt Expander; and Linux users will have to extract the files using the unzip command.

We have discovered a problem with the script "Run SimCCD.vbs". It used to work smoothly with Java versions 7 and earlier, but broke when Oracle changed where they stored the Java executable. And it didn't help that we had a bug in the script! So either way, you would be presented with annoying error messages in a window that had to be dismissed after you exited from SimCCD.

To fix this, go ahead and download the zip file shown above. Then download the following zip file too. It contains a revised version of "Run SimCCD.vbs" that you should use instead of the one in the first zip file.