Some of my earlier pictures
IC 434  Horsehead Nebula. Taken at H2O on 02/03/05.  Meade LX200 GPS 8" scope, alt/az mount, DSI-C camera. 25 seconds/frame, total time 30 minutes. NGC 891  Galaxy in Andromeda. Taken at home on 12/03/06.  Meade RCX400 10" scope, DSI-Pro camera. 10 seconds/frame, total time 140 minutes (RGB = 40:40:60). NGC 2024  Flame Nebula. Taken at home on 02/14/06. Meade RCX400 10" scope, DSI-Pro camera, H-Alpha filter. 60 seconds/frame, total time 81 minutes. NGC 2903  Galaxy in Leo. Taken at Home on 02/21/06. Meade RCX400 10" scope, unguided, DSI-Pro camera. 60 seconds/frame, 30 frames each for RGB. I also took H-alpha pictures, but they didn't prove useful. Asteroid Kalmykia was passing thru the field of view during this session, but it has been edited out of the pictures.
NGC 6946  NGC 6946 with supernova SN 2400et. Taken at home on 10/03/04.  Meade LX200 GPS 8" scope, ToUCam.  30 seconds/frame, total time 25 minutes. The supernova is the brightest object towards the lower right side of the photo. It was discovered on 09/22/04 just a few days before I took the photo. I didn't know about the supernova and was just lucky to capture it. NGC 7318  Stephan's Quintet. Taken at home on 08/19/07 and 08/20/07. Meade RCX400 10" scope, DSI-Pro II camera. 60 seconds/frame. Total time 126 minutes (LRGB=60:15:21:30). NGC 7331  Galaxy in Pegasus, aka Caldwell 3. One of the first galaxies to be recognized as spiral (1850). Image also shows background galaxies NGC 7335, 7336 (barely) and 7337. Taken at home on 09/24/06. Meade RCX400 10" scope, focal reducer, DSI-Pro camera. 20 seconds/frame, total time 101 minutes (RGB = 30:30:41).